Flavay: International and U.S. Patents and Clinically Proven

How Does Flavay® Work?

Method of Action

Flavay®, the amazing patented oligomer complex, works four (4) ways to promote better health.

#1 Collagen Renewal: grow and reactivate and protect
  1. NEW GROWTH: Flavay® stimulates growth of new collagen and hyaluronic acid, the building blocks of vascular walls. Clinically proven to rebuild elasticity in blood vessels and skin, and to improve circulation—including micro-circulation in the smallest capillaries.
  2. REACTIVATE: Flavay® is proven to reactivate, strengthen and rebuild damaged collagen. Research demonstrates Flavay® binds to collagen fibers and realigns them to a more youthful form.
  3. PROTECT: Flavay® passes rapidly into the bloodstream where its protective antioxidant oligomers selectively bind with collagen and elastin in your arteries, cartilage, joints, stomach wall, bones, skin, and all other areas rich in collagen. (1-3,18,19,25,33,44-48,60)
#2 Anti-inflammatory: control histamine action + improve vascular strength
  1. HISTAMINE ACTION: Flavay® helps to control release and synthesis of histamine, a key factor in inflammation. The histamine action of Flavay® is found to be through inhibiting the activity of the enzyme histidine decarboxylase. German studies found Flavay® lowers the anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic activity of histamine with as much as 86 percent inhibition of histidine decarboxylase.
  2. VASCULAR STRENGTH: Flavay® strengthens collagen in vascular walls and micro-capillaries, making your vessels stronger and more elastic, clinically proven to improve capillary resistance and reduce leakage and inflammation. (1-10,44-48,77,79,87)
#3 Antioxidant protection for both lipid (fat) and aqueous (water) phases of oxidation. Flavay is a free radical scavenger.
  1. SUPER-ANTIOXIDANT PROTECTION: Antioxidants protect cells against disease-causing reactions of oxygen. Flavay® is proven and patented as a “free-radical scavenger,” to effectively fight the corrosive free-radicals that damage cells and advance life-threatening conditions.
  2. PATENTED POWER: Flavay® has more reactive sites for neutralizing free-radicals than other antioxidants. Flavay® permits reactivity with both positively and negatively charged free radical species. What this means is that Flavay® can “quench” or “scavenge” (neutralize) a broad variety of free radicals.
  3. VERSATILE: Flavay® is highly reactive in both lipid (fat) and aqueous (water) phases of oxidation. This is a unique property among antioxidants as most work with either lipid or aqueous phases, but not both.
  4. PROTECT YOUR DNA: Flavay® quenches superoxide and the hydroxyl radical. This is extremely important. Of all free-radicals formed in your body, the hydroxyl radical is most dangerous because it can directly attack your DNA.
  5. SYNERGISTIC: Antioxidants do not work alone, but as part of a dynamic network. The oligomeric molecules in Flavay® act as part of this network. Flavay® directly protects vitamin C from being oxidized and acts on enzymes that protect vitamin C activity. Also, Flavay® regenerates the activity of vitamin C and vitamin E so their respective antioxidant protective effects are multiplied in the body and continue to play a central role in the cellular antioxidant network.
  6. HIGHLY BIOAVAILABLE: Flavay® aids your body more quickly than other antioxidants because it's highly bioavailable, very rapidly absorbed and quickly distributed throughout blood cells where it scavenges corrosive free-radicals that damage cells and DNA.
  7. BLOOD-BRAIN BARRIER: Flavay® readily crosses the blood-brain barrier and protects brain cells from lipid peroxidative damage, and improves micro-circulation and nutrient-delivery. Flavay's® protection of brain cells is significant as studies have established a direct connection between free-radical damage and cognitive impairment. (1-7,18,20,22-31,84,85,87,89)
#4 Nitric Oxide:  endothelial (vessels) and neurons (brain) and immune cells
  1. CONTROL & AID IN PRODUCTION: Flavay® is proven to modulate and aid in production of nitric oxide which is an important signaling molecule that turns genes on and off and is produced by many cells in your body—from endothelial cells on artery walls, to neurons in your brain, to disease-fighting cells of your immune system.
  2. PROTECT & BALANCE AGAINST OVER-PRODUCTION: Flavay® works to balance nitric oxide activity, both to stimulate normal synthesis and inhibit over-production of nitric oxide. Flavay® protects against toxic overproduction of nitric oxide by blocking nitric oxide synthase.
  3. VASCULAR: Flavay® aids in production of endothelial nitric oxide which controls the muscular tone of your blood vessels and circulation, smooth blood platelets and healthy blood flow.
  4. EYES: Flavay's® nitric oxide activity improves circulation and blood flow in the eyes. Nitric oxide plays a major role in the control of ocular blood flow as a potent endothelium-derived vasodilator. (237-239)
  5. BRAIN: All higher brain functions require a well-balanced release of nitric oxide and Flavay® helps to fortify and protect that balance. Your brain uses nitric oxide as a neurotransmitter as it controls communication between brain cells and is essential in concentration, learning and memory. Flavay® also reduces production of stress hormones and interference with neurotransmitters as it modulates nitric oxide in brain cells. (14,202-204
  6. BRAIN-IMMUNE COMMUNICATION: Flavay® fortifies and protects the nitric-oxide-based communication between your brain and immune cells. This is so important for brain functions because a breakdown in the brain-immune dialog leads to neurological damage and many diseases.
  7. IMMUNE CELLS: Your immune system uses nitric oxide as a immuno-transmitter to activate important white blood cells (macrophages) to fight infection, kill tumor cells and promote wound healing. Studies show how Flavay® protects macrophage white blood cells and their disease-fighting activity. (4,7,10,14,103,202-204,232-236)

What Customers Are Saying

“Flavay is a product I cannot stop taking. When I stopped taking it for a couple of weeks, my neuropathy and arthritis pain come raging back. So I started again on Flavay and the pain is almost completely gone. Now I'm afraid to quit!” —Ms. Elsa D.*

“I started taking Flavay for arthritis pain and I feel so much better! I'm so thrilled!” —Ms. Susan S.*

“After taking Flavay for just a week, my sister is doing things she couldn’t do before, such as bending over to pick things up off the floor.” —Mr. Joe C.*

“Your Flavay really helps my husband's chronic pain syndrome and we're almost out! Please ship asap!” —Mr. S.K.*

“I’ve given many supplements time to work so I know what I’m saying here. Flavay is the only supplement I've ever used that affects my outward appearance significantly. Initially, benefits to my skin were secondary benefits to me because I was taking Flavay for pain and mobility. Now I take Flavay as much for the benefits to my skin as for joint pain. Expensive creams and skin treatments don't do what Flavay does for your skin.” —Mr. Harrison S.*

“I began giving my daughter Flavay Plus for ADD and then I decided to add Flavay for my daughter's allergies. I want to tell you, the Flavay works like a charm for my daughter’s allergies. She is 6 years old, and when we ran out of capsules this week she told me, ‘You've got to get more Flavay!’” —Ms. S.S.*

“I have used Flavay and Flavay Plus for almost a month and I really have not felt this healthy for so long. Fantastic energy and better overall. I have ms (small letters intentional, I hate it) and am feeling better even at work, people have commented my skin is better than it has ever been. I have great energy, it is incredible.” —Mr. G.S.*

“After one month of taking Flavay and Flavay Plus, I feel really good. I feel younger, like I used to feel 5 years ago, so that I want to start a business, and other things like that. My wife says I even look different.” —Mr. R.K.*

“At 50 years of age I had come up with adult acne, with cysts and scabs all over my face. I've been taking 4 Flavay and 4 Flavay Plus capsules twice a day and in a two-week period my face is clear! ...We own our own business and have been traveling a lot lately, under the stress of a busy schedule, and yet my face just kept clearing up and now it's clear!” —Ms. D.G.*

“I wanted to let you know that I am already seeing improvements in my skin since using Flavay. I have just placed another order for Flavay but I believe there is a typo on the address...” —Mr. Brian T.*

“This stuff is amazing! Flavay is really helping me! I have a skin problem and since I've been taking Flavay the blisters have stopped coming and my skin is starting to heal. I've had this problem for many years. I've tried everything, and nothing else worked.” —Mr. Wayne H.*

“I know taking vitamins is good for you but this is much more than that. Because of taking Flavay and Flavay Plus I experience substantial improvement in mental sharpness, acuity and in the ability to react quickly and stay on top of situations while auto racing.” —dentist*

“After taking Flavay and Flavay Plus [for about four months] my vision is more clear, so much so that I can drive a car and even read a newspaper. Macular degeneration may have etched areas of my retina and I still have to move my eyes around to find spots where I can see the best—but even that has improved a little. I can hardly believe my improvement. I’m astounded that something so simple, strengthening the capillaries in the eyes, has meant so much improvement.” —retired medical doctor*

“Flavay has really helped with my glaucoma. After a few weeks my doctor was surprised because my numbers went down.” —Ms. Yvonne B.*

“I’ve got three of us taking Flavay, all three of us got better from glaucoma. I’m 82 and a healthy man and I still act like one. I take two Flavay per day.” —Mr. Harvey S.*

“My mom says she feels better and so she stops taking Flavay and Flavay Plus, and then she notices her vision starts getting worse and her memory starts slipping, so she gets back on Flavay and Flavay Plus. She loves what they do for her.” —Ms. X.Y.*

“I just want to say that I love Flavay (for 9 years). When I stop taking it, the pain comes right back.” —Mr. Mark H.*

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