Independent comparative analyses of of grape seed extracts and branded French pine bark extract with Flavay

Independent Comparative Analyses Results

Special Report

Electron-Donor Activity Electrochemical Chromatograms Neutralization of Peroxyl Free Radical Quality and Purity Molecular Structure of Flavay®

Independent Comparative Analyses of Flavay® with Grape Seed Extract and French Pine Bark Extract

Flavay® is THE ORIGINAL small-cluster of proanthocyanidins complex. With more than 65 years of scientific research, patents and clinical studies, rigorous manufacturing controls and comprehensive identity-testing to safeguard quality and consistency, Flavay® is the name you can trust for THE ORIGINAL oligomeric proanthocyanidins complex which has been continuously manufactured in France since 1950.

The marketplace is full of imitations,
various “extracts” and derivative forms and blends.

Unfortunately, many have used our impressive history in unauthorized ways to promote a myriad of derivations. In fact, the other leading brand French pine bark extract (product sample #14, below) is an offshoot. Flavay® is THE ORIGINAL in the “OPCs” category and remains unsurpassed when compared to other leading brands.

An academic comparative analysis conducted at the University of British Columbia found commercially-produced oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs) “differed substantially... shown to be only 7.2% similar... raising questions about its quantification in units of [antioxidant] activity” and confirming that standardized quantification of OPCs does not exist in the marketplace. (179)

The following data was extracted from third-party analyses that were conducted for use in litigation against the other leading brand of French pine bark extract. The highest scientific and legal standards were used.

Independent Lab Report
Results and Conclusions

A highly-qualified, independent American Laboratory performed five analytical methods to put in qualitative perspective the differences between Flavay® (extracted from both vitis vinifera grape seeds and French Maritime pine bark), the other leading brand of French pine bark extract (sample #14) and 10 grape seed extracts in the market. Below are the results of these studies.

Measuring Electron-Donor Activity

ECA Antioxidant Activity Test

How it works: High performance liquid chromatography with coulometric electrochemical detection (ECA) separates and quantifies compounds which donate electrons to protect the body from free radical attack. During ECA analysis, electrons produce electrical currents recorded as peaks on a 16-channel chromatogram scale. Higher peaks indicate more antioxidant protection, and non-antioxidant compounds are identified by a flat-line of inactivity.

ECA Chromatograms

The following ECA chromatograms compare Flavay® to the other leading brand French pine bark extract. Test conditions and amounts of samples were identical. Results are displayed on the same scale. (Like a fingerprint, both samples exhibit comparable positions in the peaks, confirming that both samples originate from similar source plant materials.)

Flavay French pine bark, sample #6

Flavay® scores the highest both as an antioxidant and as a free radical scavenger.

the other leading French pine bark, sample #14

The other leading brand pine bark extract (sample #14) has significantly lower amounts of antioxidant compounds per unit weight. The rest of the sample is likely to be non-antioxidant inert material.

The similar fingerprints indicate the samples originate from a similar source plant materials, but use different extraction protocols. Flavay® scores the highest as an antioxidant—demonstrating its superior free radical scavenging effect.

Electrochemical Antioxidant Activity Test. Relative values of Flavay compared to 10 grape seed extract samples and another leading French pine bark extract, sample #14.

Independent testing found no active OPCs in a leading American brand of grape seed extract—even though it's aggressively marketed and branded as an OPCs product.

  • Product #13 is a leading American brand that is aggressively marketed as containing OPCs and yet:
  • ECA tests found extremely low electrochemical antioxidant activity in product #13.
  • Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) tests detected ZERO OPCs in product #13.

Measuring Neutralization of
the Peroxyl Free Radical

ACAP Antioxidant Capacity Test

How it works: Antioxidant Capacity (ACAP) is measured by testing the product's antioxidative capacity to neutralize the peroxyl free radical. The measurement is expressed in equivalents of a substance called “Trolox,” a soluble analogue of vitamin E. The advantage of this assay is that it shows antioxidant capacity in both the lipid (fat) and aqueous (water) phases.

The fluorescein-derivative antioxidant comparison with Trolox found the leading French pine bark extract (sample #14) had about half the antioxidant capacity (55%) of Flavay® (sample #6).

Antioxidant Capacity Trolox Equivalent Test. Relative values of Flavay compared to 10 grape seed extract samples and another leading French pine bark extract, sample #14.

ACAP Antioxidant Activity Tests found the leading French pine bark extract (sample #14) had about half the antioxidant capacity (55%) of Flavay® (sample #6).

Quality and Purity Tests

How it works: Solubility tests measure quality and purity. Products are dissolved in three different test liquids (methanol, propanol-2 and ethanol), and then the limpidity (clearness, transparency) of the solutions result in a simple and easy-to-measure indicator of quality and purity.

Insolubles are an indicator of low quality and/or production problems.

Solubility Test Results

Percentages of Insolubles
Quantity of sample Flavay® French pine bark
(sample #6)
other brand French pine bark extract
(sample #14)
2% in methanol



1% in propanol-2



1% in ethanol



Flavay® contains no insolubles.

Flavay® remained perfectly soluble and limpid (clear), indicating purity and quality.

The other brand French pine bark fails.

The other brand French pine bark extract (sample #14) was found to contain high amounts of insolubles as it failed to fully dissolve, indicating poor quality and contamination (probably due to its extraction process).

Low quality products only partially dissolve, indicating lack of quality and purity.

All the tests confirm the other leading French pine bark extract is in the mediocre category—both for poor antioxidant performance and lack of purity.

Authentic vs. “Borrowed” Science

Consumers need to know that the marketplace is full of imitations, offshoots and derivatives of scientifically-proven natural products. Those who are looking for a product that will produce the proven results, want the authentic product that was used in the actual scientific research. This is especially important when you buy a product in the “grape seed extract” and “pine bark extract” product category. It's practically impossible for retailers and consumers to distinguish inferior products from quality ones. As shown above, independent tests found that no active OPCs could be detected in one leading American brand of grape seed extract even though it's labeled and aggressively marketed as a branded OPCs product. All of this proves that consumers cannot be assured of the quality, bioavailability and safety of the product.

Flavay® is the Name You Can Trust

Authenticity ∙ Purity ∙ Quality

Flavay - International and U.S. Patents and Clinically Proven

More than 65 years of solid scientific research, patents and clinical studies, rigorous manufacturing controls and comprehensive identity-testing to safeguard quality and consistency; produced at the same French manufacturing facilities for pharmaceutical over-the-counter and dietary supplement uses worldwide. Flavay® is the name you can trust for the authentic, pure and unadulterated highly-defined small-clusters of oligomeric proanthocyanidins manufactured in France since 1950.

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